Front Strut Mounts for ALPINE A110 **Cars Hatano Original**

This product was originally for our track test car ALPINE A110
Max strengths 5t (3 times stronger than genuine mounts)
Made from duralumin A7075

They make 15mm front down with original suspension.
If you use adjustable suspensions, you can gain 15mm extra wheels stroke. And 3 times stronger of course.

Extra super duralumin A7075 made

We tested on the track, everything was fine when the car jumped and landed.

This prototype was front 10mm down, it still made the driver feel quick steering. We just installed our strut mounts with normal shock absorbers.

Price 198,000JPY /pair (Bank transfer only)

It takes approximately 2 months to produce new stock when it's out.
We can ship them to overseas. Please contact us if you're interested.

Also, we can send you an installing instruction with some pictures.